Feel Different

So Simple to use



Safe and Secure

Feature Reports

Build your Budget

You can create your own budget for any item you want.

Control your expenses

By intelligent reports and smart graphs, you will see your end close of any budget; visually or by alarm. So give you a kind of hint to control your expenses.

Events show map

Make different reports from your event, meeting, and happening’s expenses…..also see them on map or the location you spend money.

Go simple

Designed so nice in a simplified way which is easy to use for everybody, with any taste, age, and language.

Powerfull budgeting app

Spend smarter and less!

Save faster and more!

Support multiple budgets!


Why Choose Us

Good choice is power, if you have the right tools,

So, you don’t need to be worry about your everyday costs! But managing your budgeting and your expenses is the most important today. thus we advise lifebudget to help you to do so!

Comfortable Feeling to Use

-Different version

-Possibility to see and control your bills by saving them, anytime and anywhere like business trip or vacation.

Simplicity is the key success of our products

We help you to Control your expenses, “as easy as Licking an Ice cream”

So, no hassles!

And no Complications!

Powerful Budgeting App

-Best App to help you manage your costs!

-Support multiple Budget.

 Spend Smarter and Less!


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