How to Plan a Budget

How to Plan a Budget

We have already talked about how budgeting can improve your life. It helps you manage your income, stops you from overspending when you’re shopping and lets you become more efficient with your spending in general. Whether you own a small business or you’re just planning a family budget, you’ll have more control over what you spend if you stick to your plan. Budgeting is a great tool for achieving your financial goals and it helps you pay your debts, become more disciplined and become more successful in no time. So here are few tips on how to plan a budget:

1. Set goals: The first thing to do is to set goals for yourself. Your goals could be anything from paying your debts and bills to buying a new house. Your goals should be clear and feasible. Divide your goals into long-term and short-term goals so you could focus on both.

2. Track your income: After setting your goals, you need to calculate how much money you earn each month. It’s important to figure out each month separately especially if your company gives bonuses on specified months.

3. Categorize your expenses: Divide your expenses in two different categories: Necessary and Optional. Then try to take care of the necessary ones by subtracting the expenses from your income. After that you should assess your situation. If you still have enough money then allocate a portion of your income to your optional expenses. Make sure not to spend all your income so you could put some of it in your savings account.

4. Create a saving plan: If your end result shows more income than expenses, it means you have successfully taken care of the important stuff. Now it’s time to prioritize the extra money to other areas of your budget. One of the best ways to save your money is to open up a saving account

5. Create an investing plan: In the previous post, we have talked about the benefits of investing your money and how compounding interest will help you grow your money at a higher rate than simply saving it. So if you have taken care of the first 4 steps on the list, it’s time to create a plan for your investments.

(Image source: 401K Calculator)


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